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Whats in a name?

The first reference to Potters Bar was 'Potterbare' in 1387.

Lets break the name down into its two elements:

The origin of the first part of the name is not known with certainty. It may be derived from the family of Geoffrey le Pottere, who was living in South Mimms parish in 1294. Some believe 'Potters' is to do with the Roman pottery kiln which is known to have existed in the area.

The most likely explanation for the 'Bar' element is the gate into Enfield Chase (the bar) which is clearly shown and named on a plan of Wyllyotts Manor dated 1594. This stood across the west end of The Causeway, by the present entrance to Morvern Park.

A popular misconception is that 'Bar' refers to the toll bar on the Great North Road however this is incorrect. 'Potters Bar' existed for many centuries prior to the Turnpike Road which came into being in 1730.

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